we are ka-tet...we are one of many...

ex Navy SWCC.
classical pianist/cellist.
social justice .
Black culture, Black America, Africa.
They call me Nex. Fuck your privilege, your hipster culture, your racism, etc.

Apparently, women of color were wearing their hair in such fabulous ways, adding jewels and feathers to their high hairdos and walking around with such beauty and pride that it was obscuring their status. This was very threatening to the social stability (read: white population) of the area at the time. The law was meant to distinguish women of color from their white counterparts and to minimize their beauty.


truly an inspiration to us all imo

really? how’s this dime bag trollop talentless camera jockey bourgeois privileged asshat an inspiration to ME? How? the fuck she do? fuck off my dash with this star-idolization nonsense. 

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